Places that buy Pokemon cards

A fun way to earn money and tidy your shelves at the same time is by selling collectibles. Selling Pokemon cards to enthusiasts and collectors or the upcoming generation of fans is a well-liked choice.

Although you can make money by selling subsequent versions of Pokemon cards, the original cards might be the most desirable.

Knowing the value of your cards is important, but it's also crucial to sell your collection of Pokemon cards where you can get the most money.

You can sell your Pokemon cards in person or online, whichever is more convenient for you. To increase your profit, spend some time comparing selling prices offline and online.

Some of the places where you can buy and sell your Pokemon Cards are the following:

  •       Facebook Marketplace
  •       Ebay
  •       Kijiji (Local Classifieds in Canada)
  •       Facebook Groups (Private groups on FB)
  •       Tournaments
  •       Discord Servers
  •       Amazon (Sealed Product Only)
  •       Hobby Shops


  1. Facebook Marketplace

One of the most popular local sales apps in many cities is Facebook Marketplace. If you don't already have a Facebook account, you will need to do one in order to use the website.

You can post the Pokemon cards and anything else you no longer need for free on Facebook Marketplace. Even better, there aren't any seller fees associated with sales.

On the marketplace or through your mobile app, buyers will contact with you. Like eBay, you may check what other sellers are asking for their Pokemon cards to determine a fair asking price for your own.

With the buyer, you must arrange a time and place for pickup. You might also use a "porch picker" to maintain your distance. Simply put the item in a safe location, and the buyer will leave money without needing to speak to you in person.


Customers have two payment options: cash or debit card. You can deposit your revenues into a bank account if a customer pays with a card.

  1. Ebay

Because sellers may set their own selling prices, eBay is one of the finest venues to sell Pokemon cards as well as other collectibles.


You can choose to sell your goods on the eBay online marketplace for a set price or in an auction where consumers "bid up" the selling price. If you're willing to negotiate, buyers may submit bids.

To estimate the potential profit, check the prices other sellers are asking for their collections. Even so, it's a good idea to precisely price each card using a pricing guide provided by the card association to avoid charging too little.

Acquiring a competent grade check for rare cards can help you sell them more quickly by establishing confidence with potential purchasers.

  1. Kijiji

The largest classifieds website in Canada is Kijiji, which features millions of live advertising in a variety of categories, including employment, homes, and vehicles. Every second, there are two new adverts placed. We're delighted to offer a platform that links Canadians, enabling them to buy amazing products in their neighborhood, profit from unsold items that clutter up homes, and reduce trash in the nation.

You can advertise your Pokemon Cards here, locate sellers of them, and look at the Vivid Voltage Pokémon bulk sale. There are endless alternatives.

  1. Facebook Groups

Pokemon-oriented Due to their minimal seller fees and high buy intent, Facebook Groups are unquestionably among the greatest online locations to sell Pokemon cards.

These communities are only there for collectors to socialize, display their collections, have discussions, and, of obviously, purchase and sell Pokémon cards. Every group will have somewhat different rules, thus it is imperative that you strictly abide by them or you risk being immediately and permanently removed from the community. There are many acronyms and terms used by sellers, so don't be shocked if it all appears incomprehensible at first.

  1.     Tournaments

One of the best ways to sell your Pokemon cards is at tournaments. Stores that sell tournament games can also sell Pokémon TCG.

At tournaments, the majority of participating retailers offer loose packs, booster boxes with 36 packs, and Elite Trainer Boxes with eight packs. If they halted just after original pre-release ended, they will probably start selling Build & Battle Boxes again if they still have any on hand.

Which cards in Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield - Evolving Skies rank highest? Three Japanese sets—Eevee Heroes with an Eeveelution theme, Sky Stream with a Rayquaza theme, and Towering Perfection with a Duraludon theme—are translated into English in this set.

  1.     Discord Servers

You may exchange video, audio, chat and text with friends, gaming communities, and developers with the free communication app Discord. It is one of the most widely used platforms for interacting with people online, with millions of users. Almost every common operating system and device, like macOs, Windows, Android, Linux, iPadOs, iOs as well web browsers, may be used with Discord.

As a result, this is the ideal location for trading, buying, and selling Pokemon cards. The top-rated ones can be seen here.

  1. Amazon

Anyone may find practically everything they want on Amazon, an online giant marketplace. They have a stellar reputation for making deliveries on time. Additionally, consumers can discover the most affordable pricing on a variety of goods that we are unable to acquire elsewhere.

Many collectors are unsure whether is safe to sell Pokémon cards on Amazon.  It is safe though you have to be sure you understand their perspective. You can get taken advantage of if they are purchased from a mysterious seller in China.

Pokémon card aficionados who take their collecting seriously will get new cards from a variety of sources and locations. It's wise to have a variety because the supply is limited and continually changing.

  1. Hobby Shops

You may sell your Pokémon cards at nearby hobby shops if you want to take a more conventional approach. Because you don't need to ship them or find the buyer, local hobby shops should be one of the best ways to go.

Instead, you can sell your Pokémon cards to nearby hobby shops for a fair price.

Even though the price won't be as expensive as selling each card separately, it will still be far more expensive than marketing your Pokémon cards in bulk to secondhand book stores or pawn shops, where the staff frequently has no idea what the cards are worth.

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