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The Tomb Kings, known as the Priest Kings in their former lives, are the undying rulers of Nehekhara, an ancient Human civilisation that formed a great and powerful empire some two thousand five hundred years before the birth of Sigmar Heldenhammer and the founding of the Empire of Man. Out of all the unliving creatures that would claim dominion and royalty over the dead, only the Tomb Kings could truly claim such masterful and undisputed sovereignty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Who are the Tomb Kings in Warhammer?

    The Tomb Kings are a faction in the tabletop miniature wargame Warhammer Fantasy Battles, which is set in a high-fantasy world where armies of miniature models representing different races and factions battle against each other. The Tomb Kings are a race of undead warriors that hail from the desert lands of Nehekhara, a long-lost empire that once thrived in the Warhammer world.

    In the game, the Tomb Kings are led by powerful rulers known as Tomb Kings or Tomb Queens, who wield magic and command armies of skeleton warriors, chariots, and other undead creatures. The Tomb Kings are known for their mastery of ancient technology and their reverence for their ancestors, which is reflected in their army composition and playstyle. They are a formidable force on the battlefield, with resilient troops and potent spells that can turn the tide of battle in their favor.

  • 2. What is the Tomb Kings playstyle?

    The Tomb Kings playstyle in Warhammer Fantasy Battles is unique and distinct from other factions in the game. Here are some of the key features of their playstyle:

    1.Undead Hordes: The Tomb Kings rely heavily on undead units, such as skeletons, mummies, and chariots. These units are numerous, cheap, and easy to replace, making them an ideal choice for overwhelming the enemy with numbers.

    2.Elite Units: Despite their reliance on undead hordes, the Tomb Kings also have access to some elite units, such as the Tomb Guard and Ushabti. These units are tougher, more powerful, and more expensive than the basic undead units, but they can be devastating on the battlefield.

    3.Regeneration: Many of the Tomb Kings' units have the ability to regenerate, which means they can heal damage over time. This makes them very resilient on the battlefield and difficult to take down.

    4.Magic: The Tomb Kings have access to a unique magic system called the "Lore of Nehekhara," which allows them to cast powerful spells that can heal their troops, damage the enemy, or even bring back fallen units.

    5.Construct Armies: The Tomb Kings have access to constructs, such as the Necrosphinx and the Hierotitan, which are giant statues imbued with magical energy. These constructs are tough and powerful, and can be used to crush enemy formations.

    Overall, the Tomb Kings playstyle is focused on overwhelming the enemy with numbers, using undead hordes to tie up the enemy while their elite units and constructs deliver killing blows. The Tomb Kings' magic and regeneration abilities make them resilient and difficult to defeat, even in the face of heavy losses.

  • 3. Best way to start playing a Tomb Kings army?

    If you're interested in starting a Tomb Kings army in Warhammer Fantasy Battles, here are some steps you can take to get started:

    1.Familiarize Yourself with the Rules: Before you start building your army, you'll want to make sure you understand the rules of the game. You can find the rulebook for Warhammer Fantasy Battles online or at your local game store. You'll also want to read up on the Tomb Kings army rules and special abilities to get a sense of how they play.

    2.Choose Your Army Size: The first decision you'll need to make is how large you want your army to be. The standard game size is 2000 points, but you can start with a smaller army if you prefer. This will determine how many units and models you'll need to purchase.

    3.Purchase Models: Once you know your army size, you can start purchasing models. The Tomb Kings have a variety of units to choose from, including skeletons, chariots, constructs, and more. You'll want to purchase a variety of units to create a well-rounded army.

    4.Build and Paint Your Models: Once you have your models, you'll need to build and paint them. This can be a fun and rewarding process, but it can also be time-consuming. Take your time and enjoy the process!

    5.Play Games: Once you have your army built and painted, it's time to start playing games! You can start with smaller games to get a sense of how your army plays, and then work your way up to larger games as you become more experienced.

    6.Learn and Improve: As you play games, you'll learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of your army. Use this knowledge to improve your tactics and army composition. You can also read online guides and watch videos to learn more about the Tomb Kings and how to play them effectively.

    Overall, starting a Tomb Kings army can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Just take your time, have fun, and be open to learning and improving as you go!

  • 4. Most popular Tomb Kings characters?

    The Tomb Kings faction in Warhammer Fantasy Battles features a number of unique and interesting characters, each with their own special abilities and lore. Here are some of the most popular Tomb Kings characters:

    1.Settra the Imperishable: Settra is the greatest of all the Tomb Kings, a powerful ruler who was once a mortal king of Nehekhara. He is known for his great pride and his unyielding will, and is a formidable warrior on the battlefield.

    2.Arkhan the Black: Arkhan is a powerful sorcerer who serves as the right-hand man of Nagash, the greatest necromancer in the Warhammer world. He has the ability to summon undead warriors and cast powerful spells, and is feared by his enemies.

    3.Queen Khalida: Khalida is a powerful warrior-queen who leads the armies of the Tomb Kings. She is known for her archery skills and her unyielding determination, and is a favorite among Tomb Kings players.

    4.Neferata: Neferata is one of the oldest and most powerful vampires in the Warhammer world. She was once a queen of Nehekhara, and later became a vampire after making a pact with Nagash. She is a skilled sorceress and a cunning strategist, and is feared and respected by all who know her.

    5.Prince Apophas: Apophas is a powerful Tomb Prince who is known for his skill with the spear. He is a fierce warrior who is always eager for battle, and is a popular choice among Tomb Kings players. These characters are popular among Tomb Kings players due to their unique lore, powerful abilities, and memorable personalities.

    Each character brings something different to the battlefield and can be used to create a variety of different army compositions and strategies.

  • 5. Typical Tomb Kings paint schemes?

    The Tomb Kings faction in Warhammer Fantasy Battles has a distinct and iconic paint scheme that reflects their ancient, desert-themed aesthetic. Here are some elements of a typical Tomb Kings paint scheme:

    1.Bone: The Tomb Kings' undead troops are typically painted to look like they are made of bone, which gives them a distinctive and eerie appearance. This is usually achieved with a base coat of bone-colored paint, followed by a wash of darker brown or black to create depth and shading.

    2.Gold: Gold is a common accent color for the Tomb Kings, used to highlight details such as weapons, armor, and decorative elements. Gold can also be used to create contrast and visual interest on the models.

    3.Blue: Blue is another common accent color for the Tomb Kings, used to create contrast and highlight important details. Blue can be used for clothing, jewelry, and other decorative elements.

    4.Red: Red is a popular color for the Tomb Kings' banners and standards, as well as for highlighting weapons and other details. It can also be used to create contrast and add visual interest to the models.

    5.Desert Bases: Since the Tomb Kings are a desert-themed faction, many players choose to create desert-themed bases for their models. This can be achieved with sand, rocks, and other natural elements, as well as with foliage and other decorative elements.

    Overall, a typical Tomb Kings paint scheme features bone-colored undead troops, accented with gold, blue, and red. The models are often based on desert-themed bases to enhance the overall aesthetic.