North Star Military Figures

The Silver Bayonet : The French Unit New
$ 45.00 CAD
The Silver Bayonet : The Spanish Unit New
$ 45.00 CAD

North Star Military Figures is a company that is based in the UK, and stocks thousands of various model soldiers, and many different rulebooks for wargames. This company has many different manufacturers that provide both metal and plastic miniatures. These include Frostgrave, Test of Honor, The Silver Bayonet just to name a few! 

Frostgrave is all about skirmishing and wizards who vie for power. You play the role of wizard and have minions to do your bidding as well as an apprentice. The game plays in scenarios where many different factors can change the game like wandering monsters and foes guarding treasure!

Test of Honor is another skirmish game that focuses on a samurai leader and his clanmates working together to achieve a goal like taking objectives or just cutting down your enemies.

The Silver Bayonet is a Napoleonic war game with a gothic supernatural twist of vampires spirits and the sorts. It is a skirmish game that plays on working with both military and fantasy style units to fight supernatural enemies or rival factions. 

They are unassembled and unpainted.