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Battlefield in a Box Terrain

Battlefield In A Box Badlands Plateau Damaged BK1
$ 25.00 CAD
Battlefield in a Box Gothic Battlefields - The Grand Vestibule (x1) 30mm New
$ 50.00 CAD
Battlefield in a Box Hall of Heroes Crumbling Remnants New
$ 35.00 CAD

Battlefield in a Box by GaleForce Nine offers premium ready-to-go terrain out of the box.

These pieces are Pre-painted and of high quality. The basing sometimes comes with felted bottoms and the pieces contain high levels of detail. 

Battlefield in a Box is considered premium terrain as it is a bit pricier, but it allows for quick deployment of high-quality terrain onto the tabletop.

This is perfect for beginner or advanced players alike, with multiple styles and design elements to choose from.