Flames of War

Flames of War Mid-War Italian Avanti Army Deal New
$ 136.25 CAD
Flames of War Italian Avanti Gaming Set New
$ 29.99 CAD
Flames of War Italian Decals New
$ 15.00 CAD
Flames of War Italian P26/40 (75mm) Tanks (x4) New
$ 45.00 CAD
Flames of War Italian Semovente (Long 75mm) Assault Guns (x3) New
$ 34.25 CAD
Flames of War Mid War Italian Semovente 90 Battery (x4) New
$ 45.00 CAD

Flames of War is a World War 2 Based table top miniature game, set in 15mm scale.

Created by Battlefront Miniatures, the creators of other great games such as Team Yankee

Recreate historic battles from across the last Great War. 

Soviets, Russians, British, and Americans are among the favourites to choose from. Including Early, mid and late war options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is Flames of War expensive to get into?

    Compared to some other games (Warhammer), Flames of War is very affordable to get into. You can pick up a starter army for approximately $115 (CDN$). Aside from the starter force, you don't need to add much more to round out your force. Most extra kits are optional in army lists and can be brought depending on how you wish to play your force.

  • 2. What is the best way to get started with Flames of War?

    For new players looking to get into the game, the best way is none other than the Hit the Beach box set. This set comes in at an affordable $60 (CDN) and includes a rulebook and two forces, German and Americans. Grab a friend and split it for $30 each, there is no cheaper and better way to test the game out.

  • 3.Which is better, Flames of War or Bolt Action?

    Both games are great! Flames of War is 15mm models while Bolt Action is 28mm, so both have very different model scales and rule sets. The games are equally good so it is really a matter of preference.

  • 4. What is Flames of War?

    Flames of War is a historical World War 2 tabletop strategy game. Players can choose to play from a variety of different countries, each with their own skill sets and perks. The models are made up of 15mm scale which is small and allows for a variety of unique options.

  • 5. How many players is required for Flames of War?

    Flames of War is generally set for 2 players; however, you may add more players to the game for a duos event.