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Tyranids - New

Warhammer Tyranids Codex New
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Warhammer Tyranids Broodlord Cryptus New
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Warhammer Tyranid Trygon / Mawloc New
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Warhammer Tyranids Datacards New
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Warhammer Start Collecting Tyranids New
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Warhammer Tyranid Genestealers New
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Warhammer Tyranid Gargoyles New
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Warhammer Tyranids Hive Guard New
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Warhammer Tyranids Venomthropes New
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Warhammer Tyranid Warriors New
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Warhammer Tyranid Hive Tyrant New
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Warhammer Tyranids Tyrannocyte New
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Warhammer Tyranid Hormagants New
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Warhammer Tyranids Spore Mine Cluster New
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Warhammer Tyranids Broodlord New
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Warhammer Tyranid Termagants Brood New
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The Tyranids are the most alien of the races to infest Imperial space, for they come from beyond. Their hive fleets stretch out like tendrils, great chitinous bio-ships drifting in brooding silence. Once the remorseless shoals of the bioships detect the presence of a prey world, they close upon their target, grasping it like some many-tentacled beast seizing its food. In the ensuing invasion, the world will be consumed, for the Tyranids hunger for all living matter.