Topps Metazoo Chrome Hobby Box 2022
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Metazoo: Cryptid Nation is a brand new trading card game created by Michael Waddell.
Creatures (Cryptids) come from places across the world, with the first set featuring cryptids from the United States. 

The Cryptids consist of myth, folklore, urban legends of beings people believe to be true, but not yet proven yet. The game will also feature various environments that have different effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is MetaZoo?

    MetaZoo is a trading card game and IP based around famous Cryptids, each given their own unique design, based on ages of folklore & urban legend. With cards like Bigfoot, the Men In Black, the Grim Reaper & Jack Frost, they’re easily recognizable, but the talented MetaZoo artists provide these Beasties with a unique spin. The game itself has gameplay mechanics similar to MTG, and the art itself is reminiscent of the vintage 90s era hand-drawn Pokemon cards. After a highly successful Kickstarter launch, MetaZoo continues to release sets for their unique TCG, as well as many promotional items to help spread the popularity of the brand & game. Fans of MetaZoo look forward to the book, comic series, video game and animated TV show that will be sure to draw in many new fans, players & collectors!

  • 2. When was MetaZoo started?

    MetaZoo was started in 2020 with sample cards, followed by a successful Kickstarter Cryptid Nation base set launch. The demand for the cards was then met with a 1st & 2nd edition reprinting of the base set, the product now being sold and played in local game stores.

  • 3. How many main sets has MetaZoo released?

    So far MetaZoo has released 4 main sets: CRYPTID NATION (base set), NIGHTFALL (Halloween / Dark themed set), WILDERNESS (nature themed set) & UFO (space themed set)

  • 4. How does the MetaZoo TCG play?

    The game itself has gameplay mechanics similar to Magic The Gathering, with Beasties, Artifacts, Spell Cards & Potions having a certain cost to play and also a unique Aura type. ‘Aura pages’ (resource cards similar to lands) provide Aura to contract cards into the arena. Your surroundings & items you have may affect the gameplay experience with certain cards getting a life point or damage boost from certain environments & objects. Terra pages in the game simulate the outside environments and bring their effects into play!

  • 5. What would be the best way for a new player to get into MetaZoo?

    Theme Decks offer pre-built decks for new players to start with, so you can choose your favorite and go from there. There is also 1 of 5 random decks in the Release Event Boxes (these come with 3 packs as well). If you have more of a budget the Spellbooks are a great option for around $50, containing 10 booster packs, sleeves, a playmat, promo and status effect counters. A theme / release deck + Spellbook would give new players everything they need to get started.

  • 6. What would be the best way for a new collector to get into MetaZoo?

    Booster Boxes contain 36 packs and the best chances to get full holo hits. Some of these boxes even have full holo box toppers, redemption tickets, or a chance at a serialized secret rare!

  • 7. Is there a legitimate competitive scene for MetaZoo?

    MetaZoo recently hosted their first ever Caster Cup event in Dallas, Texas with the 1st place winner receiving $100,000 plus a lot of product! There are plans for many competitive events like this, as well as events at local game stores through the MPN (MetaZoo Play Network). MetaZoo recently released LGS promo kits & prize support to entice more in-person play.

  • 8. What is the rarest card in MetaZoo, their “Black Lotus” or “base set Charizard”?

    The original Mothman card from Cryptid Nation base set is considered the holy grail of MetaZoo, most specifically the sample or Kickstarter printing. The 1st Edition & even 2nd Edition are highly sought after. MetaZoo also has several popular Cryptids that almost serve as a mascot, such as Bigfoot or Loveland Frogman.

  • 9. What are the different card rarities in MetaZoo and are there different kinds of foiling, full art cards?

    MetaZoo cards typically come in a bronze, silver and gold rarity which can be seen on the set symbol in the top left corner. There are also secret rares in every set, special cards that usually have a limited printing of 100 or less copies, making them extremely valuable. Full art cards can be seen in MetaZoo’s Aura, Terra and Token cards, and there are even full holo versions of these in special booster box toppers and products. Recently in UFO and moving forward for new sets, MetaZoo has greatly improved their foiling quality / technique and card stock.