Deadzone 3.0 Two Player Starter Set
$ 125.00 CAD
The Fall of Omega VII: Deadzone 2-player set New
$ 125.00 CAD
Deadzone 3.0 Rulebook pack
$ 50.00 CAD
Terrain Crate: Deadzone Ruins New
$ 43.00 CAD
Deadzone Marauder Goblin Gruntbot New
$ 32.00 CAD
Deadzone Marauder Frontal Assault Booster New
$ 40.00 CAD
Deadzone Marauder Commando Starter New
$ 40.00 CAD
Deadzone D8 pack
$ 16.50 CAD
Deadzone Command Dice Pack
$ 16.50 CAD
Deadzone Veer-Myn Brood Matriarch Booster New
$ 45.00 CAD
Deadzone Marauder Fire Support Booster New
$ 40.00 CAD

Deadzone by Mantic Games is a sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game set in the futuristic Warpath Universe. Players command squads of elite soldiers, alien races, and mercenary forces in intense, tactical battles.

How is the game played?

The game is played on a grid-based battlefield, which streamlines movement and range measurement, making for a faster and more dynamic gameplay experience.

Does Deadzone have campaigns and expansions?

The game supports campaign play, where squads can gain experience and evolve over a series of battles. Mantic Games regularly releases expansions and additional content to keep the game fresh and exciting.

Are there factions in Deadzone?

There are multiple factions to choose from, each with its own unique units, abilities, and playstyles. Some of the notable factions include the Enforcers, Plague, Forge Fathers, Veer-myn, Asterians, and the Rebs.