Plastic Soldier Company

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Plastic Soldier Company?

    They produce WW2 models of a standard to satisfy the demands of the modeler, diorama builder, and wargamer with accurate period detail in both uniforms and weaponry.

    In 2012 they launched their first ruleset – Battlegroup by Warwick Kinrade. This WW2 set has become very popular and is supported with a growing number of campaign books. In 2020 they agreed a deal to publish all of Simon Hall’s (Mortem et Gloriam) and future rulesets, which will create a suite of battle and skirmish rules covering all periods using his inventive colour system.

  • 2. How was Plastic Soldier Company started?

    It was started by lifelong wargamer and military history enthusiast Will Townshend in 2008. They now have a substantial range of injection-moulded hard plastics for WW2

  • 3. Does Plastic Soldier Company make board games?

    In addition to figure games, PSC publishes boardgames. These include The Great War and Lincoln by highly regarded game designers Richard Borg and Martin Wallace

  • 4. What scale are Plastic Soldier Company models?

    Plastic Soldier company makes a variety of scales for their models. These can be identified based on the color coding on their packaging. 15mm models contain black labels, while the 28mm models are red packaging. They also create 20mm models in blue packaging.