Firefight Book and Counter Combo
$ 45.00 CAD
Firefight Plague Strike Force
$ 99.99 CAD
Firefight Veer-myn Strike Force
$ 99.99 CAD
Firefight Enforcer Strike Force
$ 99.99 CAD
Firefight Marauder Strike Force
$ 99.99 CAD
Firefight GCPS Strike Force
$ 99.99 CAD
Firefight Forge Father Strike Force
$ 99.99 CAD
Firefight Command Dice Pack
$ 19.99 CAD
Firefight Marauder Mule
$ 35.00 CAD
Firefight Marauder Weapons Teams
$ 29.99 CAD
Firefight Marauder Skyscrapers
$ 22.50 CAD
Firefight Marauder Ripper Rainmaker Mauler Suit Squad New
$ 29.99 CAD
Firefight Battle of Cabot III - 2 player set
$ 130.00 CAD
Firefight Assault on Exham - 2 Player Set New
$ 130.00 CAD
Firefight D8 Dice Set - 27
$ 20.00 CAD
Firefight Pathfinder Recon Force
$ 100.00 CAD
Firefight Enforcer Comms Interceptor
$ 40.00 CAD
Firefight GCPS Battlegroup
$ 100.00 CAD
Firefight Plague Mortar Mule
$ 46.46 CAD
Firefight Wolverine Battle Tank (x1)
$ 45.00 CAD
Firefight Hornet Gunship
$ 55.00 CAD
Firefight Mazon Labs Strike Force New
$ 100.00 CAD
Firefight Asterian Escort/Assassin New
$ 60.00 CAD
Firefight Asterian Battlegroup New
$ 115.00 CAD
Firefight Veer-Myn Battlegroup New
$ 90.00 CAD

Welcome to Firefight. Set in and around the vast Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere, Firefight is an immersive and exciting game of futuristic battles fought on alien worlds.

How is Firefight played?

Designed for fast-paced skirmish gameplay, Firefight focuses on small unit tactics rather than large-scale battles. Players command squads of soldiers, vehicles, and specialist units from various factions, each with its own unique abilities and playstyles.

The game uses a simple and streamlined rules system, making it accessible to both new and experienced players. Key features include dynamic activation sequences, allowing for interactive and strategic gameplay, and the use of command dice to influence actions and outcomes on the battlefield.

Factions in Firefight?

The factions in Firefight include:

  1. Enforcers - Elite human soldiers with advanced technology.
  2. Forge Fathers - Space dwarfs with powerful armor and weaponry.
  3. Asterians - High-tech alien race with robotic constructs.
  4. Plague - Mutated humans and monsters spreading a deadly virus.
  5. Marauders - Organized orc mercenaries.
  6. Veer-myn - Rat-like scavengers with overwhelming numbers.

Is there a special game board for Firefight?

The game is played on a modular board, which can be customized with various terrain pieces to create diverse battlefields. Firefight emphasizes tactical decision-making, positioning, and effective use of unit abilities to achieve victory objectives.