Cruel Seas

Cruel Seas Starter Set New
$ 105.00 CAD
Cruel Seas Kriegsmarine S-boat flotilla New
$ 37.00 CAD
Cruel Seas US Navy PT Boat Flotilla New
$ 37.00 CAD
Cruel Seas Royal Navy Vosper MTB Flotilla New
$ 37.00 CAD

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Cruel Seas?

    Cruel Seas is a 1/300th scale tabletop miniatures game made by Warlord Games, envisioned by John Stallard, where you command flotillas of small ships in battle.

    There was much confusion in the dogfight that was a WW2 motor torpedo boat battle. Poor visibility, gunfire, smoke and noise could overwhelm the senses of even experienced captains. In ‘Cruel Seas’, things are rather more predictable whilst ensuring the best-laid plans can go awry at the last minute…

  • 2. What is Cruel Seas gameplay like?

    With six or more ships per side, action is fast-paced; a thrilling seaborne dogfight can be fought in forty-five minutes or less.

    Cruel Seas is a fast-paced high-octane (or diesel) naval wargame pitting squadrons of small boats against each other in a desperate battle for control over the high seas. We’ve set out to make the rules as simple and intuitive as possible, while also simulating the trials and tribulations of captaining an MTB during the second world war.

  • 3. What scale is the Cruel Seas miniature game?

    All Cruel Seas items manufactured by Warlord Games are 1/300th (6mm) scale.

  • 4. How to get started playing Cruel Seas?

    The Cruel Seas Starter Set contains everything you need to command your flotilla in this fast-paced 1/300th scale tabletop game.