Bretonnians - New

Bretonnia is characterized as a feudal, Arthurian-inspired kingdom known for its chivalrous knights, noble lords, and a strict code of honor. Here are some key features of Bretonnia:

Chivalrous Society: Bretonnian society is organized around the ideals of chivalry, honor, and nobility. Knights are revered as heroes and champions of the realm, upholding a strict code of conduct.

Noble Lords: The kingdom is ruled by a hierarchy of noble lords, with a king at the highest level of authority. These nobles control vast lands and estates, each responsible for the well-being and protection of their peasants.

Peasantry: The common people of Bretonnia, known as peasants, toil in the fields and serve the nobility. They are often subject to the demands and whims of their feudal lords.

Chivalric Orders: Knights in Bretonnia belong to various chivalric orders, each with its own traditions, heraldry, and duties. Notable orders include the Knights of the Realm, Questing Knights, and Grail Knights.

Grail Quest: The Grail Quest is a central theme in Bretonnian lore. Knights embark on a sacred journey to seek the Holy Grail, believing that achieving this quest will grant them immortality and exceptional power. Grail Knights are revered as the highest form of Bretonnian knighthood.

Damsels: Damsels are female magic users in Bretonnia who are believed to have the blessing of the Lady of the Lake, a mystical and enigmatic figure in Bretonnian religion. Damsels often accompany knights on their quests and provide magical support.

Enemies and Threats: Bretonnia faces various threats, including Greenskin invaders, undead hordes led by the Vampire Counts, and other dark forces lurking within the Old World.

Feudal System: The kingdom operates on a strict feudal system, where loyalty to one's liege lord is paramount. Knights swear oaths of fealty to their lords, and lords in turn swear loyalty to the reigning king.

Arthurian Inspiration: Bretonnia draws heavy inspiration from Arthurian legends, with knights, quests, and a strong connection to mystical and supernatural elements like the Lady of the Lake and the Grail.

Knights Errant: Knights Errant are young, aspiring knights who seek to prove themselves in battle and earn the right to become full-fledged knights. They undertake quests and adventures to prove their worth.

Bretonnia is a rich and vibrant setting within the Warhammer Fantasy Battles universe, known for its unique blend of medieval chivalry, Arthurian legend, and fantastical elements. It offers a distinct and immersive experience for players and enthusiasts of the tabletop wargame and its associated lore.