Hail Caesar Epic Battles (Punic Wars): Scorpio Africanus' Roman Legions Jul-27 Pre-Order

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Hail Caesar Epic Battles (Punic Wars): Scorpio Africanus' Roman Legions


Want to field the legendary Roman Legions to face the fearsome forces of Carthage? Look no further than this incredible boxed set, which allows you to deploy the might of Rome on your tabletop in games of Hail Caesar Epic Battles. Filled to the brim with massed blocks of Hastati, Principes, and Triarii infantry, with a brand-new design of plastic sprue allowing these formations to be quickly and easily assembled, alongside allies and auxiliaries from across the Mediterranean, this box lets you field an epic force of Romans with ease. Full-colour decals make decorating your legionaries’ shields quick and simple, and the sight of your serried ranks will be certain to make the enemies of Rome tremble!

The disciplined and unyielding Romans rose to dominate all of Italy by the third century BC, before meeting their military match in the form of Carthage and its greatest general Hannibal Barca. Rome was more than ready for the challenge though, and despite a string of early defeats resolved to take the war to the very gates of Carthage itself, led by one of its most brilliant commanders of the era, Scipio Africanus – fittingly, a beautiful Warlord Resin miniature of the man himself is included to lead your army!

The Scipio Africanus’ Roman Legions boxed set contains:

  • Hail Caesar Epic Battles: Punic Wars A5 rulebook
  • Assembly and painting guide leaflet
  • The following hard plastic miniatures:
    • 8 mounted Republican Roman commanders
    • 8 bases of Republican Roman Princepes (30 soldiers each)
    • 8 bases of Republican Roman Hastati (30 soldiers each)
    • 8 bases of Republican Roman Triarii (30 soldiers each)
    • 8 bases of Republican Roman Velites skirmishers
    • 3 bases of Republican Roman heavy cavalry
    • 3 bases of Republican Roman light cavalry
    • 6 bases of Celtiberian warriors (20 soldiers each)
    • 6 bases of Italian allied infantry (20 soldiers each)
    • 4 bases of Numidian skirmishers with bows
    • 4 bases of Balearic Slingers
    • 4 bases of Ligurian light infantry skirmishers
    • 4 bases of Spanish Caetrati skirmishers
    • 4 bases of Gallic Celt cavalry
    • 4 bases of Spanish cavalry
  • Scipio Africanus variant Warlord ResinTM figure (Exclusive to the Hannibal battle set or the Scipio Africanus’ Roman Legions boxed sets)
  • Plastic bases
  • Full colour shield decals
  • 6 six-sided dice