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Zombicide 2 Nd Edition Fort Hendrix 

 Kickstarter Edition of Zombicide: Fort Hendrix Expansion for Zombicide Second Edition Board Game by Cmon. Includes 6 Survivors, 1 Companion, 6 Shooter Zombies, 6 Tiles, 6 Id Cards, 6 All-Out Dice, 36 Equipment Cards, 11 Pimpweapon Cards, 50 Military Cards, 40 Zombie Cards, 91 Objective Cards, Campaign Sheet Pad, 7 Tokens, and Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor Gabriel. Not a Complete Game. Requires Zombicide Second Edition Core Game to Play (not Included). Please Note: Unless Otherwise Stated Paid Add Ons from The Kickstarter Campaign Are Not Included.

This Military-Themed Expansion Features Not only The Same Campaign Mode and Advanced Rules Seen in Washington Z.C., but Also a Slew of New Additions Like a Special Military Equipment Deck, New Regular Equipment and Pimpweapons to Replace the Core Ones, Military Base Tiles, Veteran Survivors, And, of Course, Zombie Soldiers! All This Comes to Life in A Brand New 10-Mission Campaign Set in Fort Hendrix, a Military Base Where Mysterious Experiments Were Being Conducted in Relation to The Zombie Infection.