World War III: Team Yankee Israeli Skyhawk Fighter Flight New

$ 54.00 CAD

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1 Defenders Of Israel: Skyhawk Fighter Flight box set contains:

  • 2 Resin And Metal A-4 Skyhawk Aircraft
  • 2 Plastic Flight Stands
  • 4 Rare-Earth Magnets
  • 1 Decal Sheet
  • 1 Unit Card

First used in the 1973 war, the A-4 Skyhawk continued into service in the 1980s with the reservists of 147 Squadron. This high-performance ground-attack aircraft carried a variety of weapons loads, including cluster bombs and napalm. Israeli Skyhawks replaced the Colt Mk.12 20mm cannons of the US version with French DEFA 30mm cannons.

Supplied unpainted & unassembled