World War III: Team Yankee Dutch Armoured Infantry Platoon New

$ 20.75 CAD

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1 NATO French Armoured Infantry Platoon box set contains:

  • 1 Formation Commander FAL Rifle Team
  • 4 GPMG Teams With M72 Anti-Tank Weapons
  • 3 Carl Gustav Anti-Tank Teams
  • 4 Medium Four-Hole Bases
  • 5 Small Two-Hole Bases
  • 1 Small Three-Hole Base
  • 5 Unit Cards

Each armoured infantry platoon (pantserinfanterie peloton) is made up of four groups. The platoon command group is mounted in a YPR-765 armoured infantry fighting vehicle and has one 7.62mm FN MAG GPMG and two M47 Dragon anti-tank guided missile systems.

The three infantry groups (designated A, B and C), each mounted in a YPR-765, are equipped with one 7.62mm FN MAG GPMG and one Carl Gustav 84mm anti-tank weapon. Equipment also includes disposable M72 LAW 66mm anti-tank rockets.

Supplied unpainted & unassembled