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Skarr Bloodwrath is a legendary figure within the Blades of Khorne, a fearsome champion who embodies the relentless fury and bloodlust of the Blood God. Here's an overview of this renowned warrior:

Avatar of Khorne: Skarr Bloodwrath is believed to be a manifestation of Khorne's wrath made flesh, a living embodiment of the Blood God's insatiable hunger for bloodshed and carnage. He is a towering figure of pure rage and brutality, feared and revered by warriors of Khorne and their enemies alike.

Unstoppable Berserker: Skarr is a relentless berserker who knows no fear or mercy. He charges headlong into battle with reckless abandon, wielding his massive double-handed axe with devastating force. His frenzied onslaught leaves a trail of destruction in its wake as he cuts down all who stand in his path.

Bloodthirsty Warrior: Skarr's thirst for blood is insatiable, driving him to ever greater acts of savagery and violence. He revels in the chaos of battle, feeding off the screams of his enemies and the spatter of their blood. To Skarr, every drop of blood spilled in Khorne's name is a tribute to his dark god's glory.

Legendary Feats: Skarr Bloodwrath is infamous for his countless acts of slaughter and destruction. Tales of his ferocity and prowess in battle are sung by bards across the realms, inspiring both awe and terror in those who hear them. Skarr's name is whispered in dread by those who know of his deeds, for he is a bringer of death and despair wherever he goes.

Khorne's Chosen: Skarr is believed to be chosen by Khorne himself, blessed with supernatural strength, resilience, and martial skill. He shrugs off wounds that would kill lesser warriors and fights on with undiminished ferocity even as his enemies fall around him.

Eternal Hunger: Skarr Bloodwrath is driven by an eternal hunger for battle and bloodshed. He is a force of nature, an unstoppable whirlwind of destruction that leaves ruin in his wake. None can stand against him and live to tell the tale, for Skarr is the wrath of Khorne incarnate.

In summary, Skarr Bloodwrath is a legendary figure among the Blades of Khorne, a fearsome warrior whose name strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. With his unmatched ferocity and unyielding determination, Skarr embodies the savage brutality of Khorne, leaving nothing but death and destruction in his wake.

This 20-piece plastic kit makes one Skarr Bloodwrath clad in Chaos armour and armed with a pair of axes known as the bloodstorm blades. Skarr has the option of being assembled with either a bare head or a masked variant.

The model is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round base.

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