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The Putrid Blightkings are a formidable unit within the Nurgle Rotbringers faction in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar tabletop wargame. These warriors are the epitome of Nurgle's blessings, their bodies transformed by decay, pestilence, and the unending cycle of rebirth. Here's a brief description of the Putrid Blightkings:

Blessed by Decay: Putrid Blightkings are champions chosen by Nurgle, and their bodies bear the marks of their god's blessings. They are bloated, covered in sores and pustules, and emit a noxious stench of decay.

Rusty and Corrosive Weapons: In battle, Putrid Blightkings wield a variety of rusted and pestilent weapons, including massive cleavers, flails, and blighted swords. Their weapons are not only effective but can also transmit Nurgle's diseases to their foes.

Contagious Resilience: Putrid Blightkings are highly resilient, capable of shrugging off wounds that would fell lesser warriors. They have a remarkable ability to regenerate from injuries, making them difficult to defeat.

Blighted Icons: Each Putrid Blightking carries blighted icons and banners adorned with Nurgle's symbols. These icons have their own corrupting properties and can spread disease and decay to those nearby.

Nurturers of Decay: Like all Rotbringers, Putrid Blightkings see decay and pestilence as a form of nurturing and renewal. They believe that by spreading Nurgle's blessings, they are helping the cycle of life continue, albeit in a grotesque and twisted manner.

Symbol of Nurgle: Putrid Blightkings personify the themes of decay, pestilence, and the cyclical nature of life and death that are central to Nurgle's domain. They are a formidable and thematic addition to Nurgle-themed armies.

In both lore and gameplay, Putrid Blightkings are a resilient and thematic unit within the Nurgle Rotbringers faction. They are often used as the front line and mainstay of Nurgle armies, holding the line, spreading disease, and acting as the physical embodiment of Nurgle's blessings. Their grotesque appearance and association with decay and rebirth underscore the grim and pestilential aspects of Nurgle's realm.

This 105-piece plastic kit makes five Putrid Blightkings. Each model can be assembled in at least two distinct ways, with the option of building a Blightlord, Icon Bearer and a Sonorous Tocsin. You can ensure that each of your Blightkings looks totally unique by combining the 21 weapon arms with the 11 torsos and 17 head options.

Includes five Citadel 40mm Round bases.

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