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The Blades of Khorne Skullgrinder is a fearsome champion of the Blood God, dedicated to spreading carnage and destruction in Khorne's name. Here's an overview of this brutal warrior:

Master of the Forge: Skullgrinders are skilled blacksmiths and artisans who serve Khorne by crafting weapons of war and torture. They are adept at shaping metal and bone, forging deadly weapons and armor imbued with the essence of Khorne's rage.

Bringer of Suffering: Skullgrinders excel in the art of torture and execution, using their mastery of metalworking to inflict unimaginable pain upon their victims. They take sadistic pleasure in their work, reveling in the screams of agony that echo through their twisted workshops.

Cunning Strategists: Despite their brutal reputation, Skullgrinders are also cunning tacticians who understand the importance of strategy and planning in warfare. They use their knowledge of metallurgy to exploit weaknesses in enemy armor and defenses, ensuring that every strike they make is devastatingly effective.

Unyielding Warriors: In battle, Skullgrinders are unstoppable juggernauts, wielding massive hammers and axes with deadly precision. They carve through enemy ranks with ease, their blows fueled by Khorne's boundless rage and fury.

Instruments of Khorne's Will: Skullgrinders are relentless in their pursuit of bloodshed and slaughter, viewing every battle as an opportunity to glorify Khorne. They are utterly devoted to their dark god, willing to sacrifice everything in his name.

Harbingers of Doom: The presence of a Skullgrinder on the battlefield is a terrifying sight to behold, for it heralds the coming of Khorne's wrath. Enemies tremble in fear at the sight of these monstrous warriors, knowing that their doom is at hand.

In summary, the Blades of Khorne Skullgrinder is a merciless warrior and skilled artisan who serves Khorne with unwavering devotion. Whether forging weapons of war or leading his fellow warriors into battle, the Skullgrinder spreads fear and destruction wherever he goes, leaving a trail of blood and carnage in his wake.

This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything needed to build one brutally murderous Skullgrinder, replete with his heavy brazen anvil. A single-pose miniature with an ornate Khorne helm, blacksmith’s cloth and belt-attached hammer, he’s absolutely covered in Khornate symbols and imagery. Nine components in total, includes one Citadel 40mm Round base.

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