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Hexwraiths are spectral cavalry units within the Nighthaunt faction of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. These ghostly riders are bound to the will of the spectral lord of the underworld, Nagash, and are unleashed upon the Mortal Realms to reap souls and spread terror in their wake.

Ethereal Mounts Hexwraiths ride upon spectral steeds, ethereal mounts that glide effortlessly across the battlefield. These ghostly horses are wreathed in mist and shadow, leaving no trace of their passing as they charge through enemy lines with unearthly speed and grace. Their otherworldly nature makes them immune to mundane weapons and obstacles, allowing them to move unhindered across any terrain.

Lethal Weapons Hexwraiths wield cursed weapons known as spectral scythes, imbued with the dark energies of the underworld. These weapons can slice through armor and flesh alike with ease, and their touch can drain the very life force from those they strike. Hexwraiths are relentless in their pursuit of their prey, cutting down enemy soldiers and dragging their souls back to the realm of death.

Fearful Spectres Hexwraiths are terrifying to behold, their ghostly forms wreathed in eerie blue flame that burns with the chill of the grave. Their hollow eyes glow with malevolent intent, and the sound of their ethereal wails strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest warriors. Hexwraiths are harbingers of doom, appearing suddenly on the battlefield to strike terror into the hearts of their enemies before fading back into the shadows.

Hexwraiths are deadly and elusive cavalry units within the Nighthaunt faction, serving as vanguards of death and harbingers of terror. With their spectral steeds and cursed weapons, they are a relentless force on the battlefield, cutting down all who stand in their path and dragging their souls back to the realm of death. As long as Hexwraiths ride forth, the enemies of Nagash will know no rest and no escape.

This multi-part plastic boxed set contains 91 components with which to make 5 Hexwraiths, wielding spectral scythes. One model can be assembled as a Hellwraith, leader of the unit.
This kit can optionally be used to assemble 5 Black Knights. Supplied with 5 Citadel 60x35mm Oval bases.

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