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The T'au TY7 Devilfish is a versatile transport vehicle used by the Tau Empire to rapidly deploy infantry units across the battlefield. Here's an overview:

Role: The Devilfish serves as a dedicated transport for Tau infantry units, providing mobility and protection on the battlefield. It is designed to ferry Fire Warriors, Breachers, and other infantry units to their objectives quickly and safely.

Design: The Devilfish has a sleek and streamlined design optimized for speed and maneuverability. It is armed with a Burst Cannon or Smart Missile System for self-defense, allowing it to provide covering fire for its passengers while on the move.

Transport Capacity: The Devilfish has an interior compartment capable of carrying up to twelve Fire Warriors or other Tau infantry units. It can also transport up to two Gun Drones or a single Battlesuit, allowing it to transport a variety of Tau forces into battle.

Troop Deployment: The Devilfish is equipped with a rear-mounted embarkation ramp that allows Tau infantry units to quickly embark and disembark from the vehicle. This feature enables rapid deployment of troops to key locations on the battlefield and facilitates quick strikes against enemy positions.

Protection: The Devilfish is armored with composite materials and reinforced plating to provide protection for its passengers against enemy fire. It is also equipped with advanced countermeasures systems to jam enemy sensors and disrupt incoming missile guidance systems.

Transport Options: In addition to its primary role as a troop transport, the Devilfish can be configured for various other roles. It can be equipped with seeker missiles for long-range fire support, sensor spines for battlefield reconnaissance, or disruption pods for electronic warfare.

Integration with Tau Forces: The Devilfish is an integral part of Tau military doctrine, often deployed alongside Fire Warrior teams, Battlesuits, and other units to provide mobility and support on the battlefield. Its ability to rapidly deploy troops to key locations makes it a valuable asset in Tau military operations.

Tactical Flexibility: The Devilfish is highly versatile and can be adapted to a variety of battlefield roles based on the mission requirements. It can serve as a transport, a fire support platform, or a reconnaissance vehicle, depending on the needs of the Tau commander.

Overall, the TY7 Devilfish is a reliable and versatile transport vehicle used by the Tau Empire to quickly deploy infantry units and support their operations on the battlefield. With its speed, firepower, and protection, it plays a vital role in Tau military strategy and contributes to their overall goal of achieving the Greater Good.

This boxed set contains 1 multi-part plastic T'au Devilfish APC with a variety of optional parts and weapons. 

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