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The T'au XV88 Broadside Battlesuit is a heavy weapons platform utilized by the Tau Empire, designed to provide long-range fire support and heavy firepower on the battlefield. Here's an overview:

Role: The XV88 Broadside Battlesuit serves as a dedicated heavy weapons platform within Tau military forces. It is deployed to provide long-range fire support, engage enemy armor, and suppress enemy infantry units with its devastating firepower.

Armor and Mobility: The Broadside Battlesuit is heavily armored and equipped with advanced shield generators to protect it from enemy fire. While not as agile as other Battlesuit variants, such as the XV8 Crisis Battlesuit, the Broadside compensates with increased durability and resilience on the battlefield.

Weapon Systems: The primary armament of the XV88 Broadside Battlesuit is its Heavy Rail Rifle, a powerful electromagnetic railgun capable of punching through enemy armor with ease. It can also be equipped with a pair of Smart Missile Systems or High-Yield Missile Pods for additional firepower against infantry and light vehicles.

Support Systems: Broadside Battlesuits can be outfitted with a variety of support systems to enhance their combat effectiveness. These include Target Locks for improved accuracy, Drone Controllers to control accompanying Gun Drones, and Advanced Targeting Systems to increase the suit's lethality.

Tactical Deployment: Broadside Battlesuits are often deployed as part of Tau Hunter Cadres, providing long-range fire support and anti-armor capabilities to complement the maneuverability of other Tau units. They are typically positioned in fortified positions or on elevated terrain to maximize their line of sight and firing arcs.

Integration with Tau Forces: Broadside Battlesuits work in conjunction with other elements of Tau military forces, including Fire Warrior teams, Devilfish transports, and other Battlesuit variants. They provide fire support and cover for advancing Tau units, suppressing enemy positions and neutralizing threats from a distance.

Tactical Flexibility: Despite its specialization in long-range fire support, the Broadside Battlesuit retains some flexibility on the battlefield. Its modular design allows it to be equipped with different weapon loadouts to suit the mission requirements, ensuring adaptability in various combat scenarios.

Anti-Air Capability: While primarily designed for ground-based engagements, the Broadside Battlesuit can also be equipped with Seeker Missiles or Velocity Trackers to engage enemy aircraft and aerial threats, providing additional versatility to Tau forces.

Overall, the XV88 Broadside Battlesuit is a formidable heavy weapons platform that provides vital fire support and anti-armor capabilities to Tau military forces. With its powerful railguns and advanced support systems, it is a key asset in Tau military operations and a potent deterrent against enemy aggression.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 91 components and a T'au transfer sheet with which to make a Broadside Battlesuit and two Drones.

This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.

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