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The Stardrake, a magnificent celestial beast of immense power and majesty, serves as a living embodiment of Sigmar's divine will. Clad in shimmering celestial armor and wreathed in crackling storm energy, the Stardrake is a formidable sight to behold on the battlefield. With its razor-sharp talons and thunderous roar, it strikes fear into the hearts of Sigmar's enemies and inspires awe and reverence among the forces of Order.

In battle, the Stardrake is a force to be reckoned with, capable of decimating entire enemy units with its sweeping attacks and devastating breath weapon. Its thunderous charge can break enemy lines and scatter opposing forces, while its celestial aura imbues nearby Stormcast Eternals with renewed strength and resolve. As a formidable behemoth, the Stardrake draws upon the power of the storm itself, unleashing bolts of lightning and tempestuous winds to smite its foes and protect the forces of Order.

Riding into battle atop the back of a Stardrake, a Stormcast Eternal Lord-Celestant becomes an unstoppable force of divine wrath, leading the charge against the enemies of Sigmar with unyielding courage and righteous fury. With the Stardrake by their side, the Stormcast Eternals strike fear into the hearts of Chaos and bring hope to the beleaguered realms of the Mortal Realms.

This model comes in 108 components and is supplied with a 170x105mm Citadel Oval base

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