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Grey Hunters are the primary infantry units of the Space Wolves, a loyalist Space Marine chapter in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Here's an overview of Grey Hunters:

Background: Grey Hunters are Space Wolves who have proven themselves in battle and have been elevated to the status of full-fledged warriors within their chapter. They are versatile and adaptable warriors, capable of fulfilling a variety of roles on the battlefield.

Recruitment and Training: Space Wolves recruit their warriors from their home planet of Fenris, where they undergo rigorous training and trials to prove their worthiness. Those who show exceptional skill and bravery in battle are selected to become Grey Hunters.

Role: Grey Hunters serve as the backbone of the Space Wolves' fighting force, fulfilling a variety of roles on the battlefield. They are highly versatile and adaptable, capable of engaging the enemy in both ranged and close combat with equal skill.

Equipment: Grey Hunters are typically armed with bolters, the standard weapon of Space Marine Tactical squads. They may also be equipped with additional weapons such as bolt pistols, chainswords, power weapons, and special weapons like plasma guns or meltaguns, depending on the needs of their mission.

Tactics: Grey Hunters are trained to be flexible and adaptable on the battlefield, capable of rapidly responding to changing situations and engaging the enemy in a variety of ways. They excel at both ranged and close combat, allowing them to engage the enemy at any range with equal effectiveness.

Pack Organization: Grey Hunters are organized into packs, each led by a pack leader known as a Wolf Guard. The Wolf Guard is typically a veteran Grey Hunter chosen for their leadership skills and combat prowess. They lead their pack into battle, guiding their fellow Grey Hunters with skill and determination.

Combat Doctrine: In battle, Grey Hunters rely on their superior training, equipment, and combat prowess to overcome their enemies. They are known for their ferocity and bravery in battle, often charging headlong into the fray to engage the enemy in close combat.

Wolf Spirit: Grey Hunters are infused with the fierce spirit of the wolf, embodying the savage and untamed nature of their chapter. They are known for their loyalty to their brothers-in-arms and their unyielding determination in the face of adversity.

Overall, Grey Hunters are formidable warriors and invaluable assets to the Space Wolves chapter, embodying the spirit of their chapter and serving as the vanguard of their forces in battle. With their skill, courage, and unwavering loyalty, they strike fear into the hearts of their enemies and inspire awe among their allies.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 218 components with which to build ten Space Wolves miniatures. There are five different leg variations, six torso variants, five backpack variants and 28 variant heads, meaning there are an incredible number of options for personalising your pack - assemble them as Grey Hunters, Blood Claws or Wolf Guard!

This kit includes ten Citadel 32mm Round bases. 

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