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The Primaris Techmarine represents an advanced iteration of the Techmarine role within the Space Marines. These specialists are highly skilled in the maintenance, repair, and enhancement of the chapter's machinery, vehicles, and other technological assets. Their extensive technical knowledge ensures that the chapter's war machines remain operational and at peak efficiency on the battlefield.

In addition to their technical expertise, Primaris Techmarines are formidable combatants in their own right. They don power armor and wield bolters and combat knives, allowing them to fight alongside their battle-brothers when necessary. Despite their focus on technology, they are fully capable of holding their own in battle.

Primaris Techmarines provide critical support during engagements. They deploy repair drones and servo-arms to swiftly mend damaged vehicles during combat, ensuring that the chapter's forces can maintain their momentum on the battlefield. Their leadership within the Techmarine hierarchy also makes them invaluable advisors to chapter commanders on matters related to technology and engineering.

These specialists may be equipped with additional specialized equipment and weaponry tailored to the needs of their chapter and the demands of the battlefield. This could include heavy weapons, specialized repair tools, or advanced targeting systems, further enhancing their versatility and effectiveness in combat scenarios.

In summary, the Primaris Techmarine is indispensable for maintaining the Space Marines' technological superiority on the battlefield. They ensure the operational readiness of their war machines, sustaining their combat effectiveness against the Imperium's adversaries.

This kit builds one Primaris Techmarine. He is equipped with a grav-pistol, Omnissian power axe, servo-arm, mechadendrite, and a shoulder-mounted forge bolter. It is supplied in 24 plastic components and comes with a Citadel 40mm Round Base.

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