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The Primaris Chaplain on Bike fulfills the same role as a standard Chaplain, serving as a spiritual leader and morale booster for their fellow Space Marines. They inspire courage and discipline in battle while also providing religious services, counseling, and guidance to the chapter's warriors.

Mounted Combat: Being mounted on a bike provides the Primaris Chaplain with increased mobility and speed on the battlefield. This allows them to quickly move around the battlefield, reinforcing key positions, and supporting their battle-brothers wherever they are needed.

Close Combat Prowess: The Primaris Chaplain on Bike is a formidable close combatant, wielding a Crozius Arcanum, a powerful melee weapon imbued with sacred power. They are also equipped with a bolt pistol for ranged combat, allowing them to engage enemies effectively at different ranges.

Spiritual Leadership: As spiritual leaders, Primaris Chaplains on Bikes inspire their fellow Space Marines through their presence and words. Their fervor and zeal on the battlefield can bolster the morale of nearby allies while instilling fear and doubt in the hearts of their enemies.

Icon of Hate: Some Primaris Chaplains on Bikes carry an Icon of Hate into battle, a sacred standard that symbolizes the chapter's devotion to the Emperor and their determination to vanquish all enemies of mankind. The presence of this icon further boosts the morale and combat effectiveness of nearby friendly units.

Tactical Flexibility: The mobility provided by the bike allows the Primaris Chaplain to swiftly react to changing battlefield conditions, reinforcing weak points in the line or launching rapid counter-attacks against enemy positions. This tactical flexibility makes them valuable assets in various combat situations.

Chaplaincy Abilities: Like all Chaplains, the Primaris Chaplain on Bike is capable of performing rites of battle, delivering inspiring sermons, and administering last rites to fallen comrades. Their presence on the battlefield can have a profound impact on the morale and fighting spirit of the chapter's forces.

In summary, the Primaris Chaplain on Bike combines the spiritual leadership and combat prowess of a Chaplain with the speed and mobility of a bike-mounted warrior. They serve as powerful symbols of faith and determination on the battlefield, inspiring their fellow Space Marines to victory against the enemies of the Imperium.

This kit builds one Primaris Chaplain on bike. It is supplied with helmeted and unhelmeted heads. It comes in 33 plastic components and includes a 90mm oval base and a Primaris Character Transfer Sheet.

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