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The Space Marines Deathwatch Kill Team Veterans are elite warriors drawn from various Space Marine Chapters and assembled into highly specialized units tasked with combating the most dangerous threats to the Imperium. Here's an overview:

Elite Special Forces: Deathwatch Kill Team Veterans are elite operatives of the Deathwatch, a secretive organization dedicated to combating xenos threats across the galaxy. They are chosen for their exceptional skills, combat prowess, and experience in battling a wide range of alien enemies.

Composition: Each Deathwatch Kill Team is composed of Space Marine Veterans drawn from different Chapters, each bringing their own unique skills, weapons, and tactics to the squad. This diversity allows Kill Teams to adapt to various mission requirements and enemy threats.

Specialized Training: Deathwatch Kill Team Veterans undergo rigorous training and indoctrination within the Deathwatch, honing their skills in xenos warfare and learning to operate seamlessly as a cohesive unit despite their diverse backgrounds.

Armament: Deathwatch Kill Team Veterans are equipped with a wide array of specialized wargear and weaponry tailored to combating xenos threats. They have access to a vast armory of relic weapons, xenos technology, and unique equipment to suit the needs of their mission.

Xenos Hunting: Deathwatch Kill Team Veterans are experts in xenos hunting, utilizing their knowledge of alien physiology, tactics, and weaknesses to effectively neutralize enemy threats. They are trained to adapt their tactics on the fly and exploit the vulnerabilities of their adversaries.

Tactical Flexibility: Deathwatch Kill Team Veterans are trained to operate in a variety of environments and mission scenarios, from covert infiltration missions to full-scale assaults on enemy strongholds. They are capable of conducting reconnaissance, sabotage, assassination, and direct combat operations with equal proficiency.

Integration with Other Forces: Deathwatch Kill Team Veterans often operate alongside other Imperial forces, including other Space Marine Chapters, Imperial Guard regiments, and Inquisitorial retinues. They provide specialized expertise and firepower to complement the capabilities of their allies and ensure mission success.

Icon of the Deathwatch: Deathwatch Kill Team Veterans are the epitome of the Deathwatch's mission to protect the Imperium from xenos threats. Their unwavering dedication, relentless combat prowess, and willingness to confront the most dangerous foes make them a symbol of the Imperium's determination to prevail against all odds.

Overall, Deathwatch Kill Team Veterans are elite warriors who embody the spirit of the Deathwatch and stand as the vanguard against the myriad dangers lurking in the darkness of the galaxy. Whether operating alone or alongside their fellow warriors, they are the Imperium's first line of defense against the alien menace.

This multi-part plastic kit contains everything necessary to assemble a Deathwatch Kill Team. There’s a massive amount of variety contained on these sprues – use the army builder rules in Codex Deathwatch to gear your Kill Team up for particular battlefield roles. You’ll receive the parts to assemble 5 Deathwatch Space Marines , and a whole host of spares for your Deathwatch:

- 7 Space Marine heads
- 5 Deathwatch left shoulder pads
- 18 Chapter specific right shoulder pads
- 5 Deathwatch Boltguns (with shot selector)
- 5 Deathwatch Power Swords
- 2 Thunder Hammers
- 1 Frag Cannon
- 2 Storm Shields
- 2 Shotguns
- 1 Infernus Heavy Bolter
- 1 Stalker-pattern Boltgun
- 2 Power Maces
- 1 Xenophase Blade

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