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The Space Marine Whirlwind is a versatile artillery vehicle utilized by the Adeptus Astartes to provide long-range fire support on the battlefield. Here's an overview:

Artillery Platform: The Whirlwind is designed primarily as an artillery platform, equipped with a Whirlwind Multiple Missile Launcher (WMS) that can rain down barrages of explosive missiles on enemy positions from a safe distance. This allows it to engage enemy infantry, light vehicles, and fortified positions with devastating firepower.

Multiple Missile Launcher: The Whirlwind's Multiple Missile Launcher can be loaded with a variety of munitions, including frag missiles for anti-infantry roles and krak missiles for anti-armor engagements. This versatility allows the Whirlwind to adapt to changing battlefield conditions and engage a wide range of targets with precision firepower.

Indirect Fire Support: One of the key advantages of the Whirlwind is its ability to fire indirectly at targets that are out of line of sight. This makes it particularly effective at targeting enemies hiding behind cover or within buildings, allowing it to flush out entrenched foes and clear the way for advancing Space Marine forces.

Mobility and Durability: While not as heavily armored as some other Space Marine vehicles, the Whirlwind is still resilient enough to withstand enemy fire and remain operational on the battlefield. Its mobility allows it to reposition quickly to support different areas of the battlefield as needed, maximizing its effectiveness in combat.

Integration with Space Marine Forces: The Whirlwind is often deployed as part of Space Marine armored formations, providing fire support to ground forces and suppressing enemy positions from afar. It works in conjunction with other vehicles and infantry units to achieve tactical objectives and secure victory on the battlefield.

Strategic Value: The Whirlwind's long-range firepower and ability to engage targets from a safe distance make it a valuable asset in a wide range of combat scenarios. Whether conducting bombardments from afar or providing close support to ground forces, the Whirlwind is a versatile and effective weapon in the arsenal of the Space Marines.

Overall, the Space Marine Whirlwind is a potent artillery vehicle that delivers devastating firepower to enemy positions while providing valuable support to ground forces. Its ability to engage targets from long range and fire indirectly makes it a valuable asset in the arsenal of the Adeptus Astartes.

This box set contains one multi-part plastic Space Marine Whirlwind. This 85-piece kit can be assembled with either Vengeance or Castellan missiles as its payload, and with either a closed hatch or visible tank commander.

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