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A Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf is a formidable commander and warrior of the Space Wolves chapter, mounted on the mighty Thunderwolf. Here's an overview:

Description: A Wolf Lord is a high-ranking commander within the Space Wolves chapter, typically leading entire companies of Space Marines into battle. When mounted on a Thunderwolf, a Wolf Lord becomes an even more imposing and fearsome figure on the battlefield, combining the martial prowess of a Space Marine with the ferocity and speed of a Thunderwolf.

Thunderwolf Mount: The Thunderwolf is a massive, predatory creature native to the icy wilderness of Fenris. It is larger and more ferocious than ordinary Fenrisian wolves, making it an ideal mount for the elite warriors of the Space Wolves chapter. Thunderwolves are swift, agile, and incredibly strong, capable of charging into battle with unmatched speed and ferocity.

Armament and Equipment: A Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf is typically armed with a variety of powerful weapons, including melee weapons such as power weapons, thunder hammers, and frost swords, as well as ranged weapons like storm bolters or combi-weapons. They may also be equipped with storm shields for added defense. Additionally, the Thunderwolf itself is a formidable combatant, possessing razor-sharp claws and teeth that can tear through enemy ranks with ease.

Role in Battle: A Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf serves as a powerful and inspiring leader on the battlefield, leading their fellow Space Marines into battle with courage and determination. They are often deployed at the forefront of Space Wolves assaults, leading the charge into enemy lines and striking fear into the hearts of their foes with their unmatched combat prowess and ferocity.

Command and Leadership: A Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf is a natural leader and commander, inspiring their fellow Space Marines with their unyielding courage and determination. They lead by example, demonstrating unmatched skill and bravery on the battlefield and earning the respect and admiration of their brethren.

Symbolism: A Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf symbolizes the indomitable spirit and ferocious nature of the Space Wolves chapter. They embody the savage strength and untamed fury of the wolf, leading their warriors into battle with unmatched courage and determination.

Training and Experience: A Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf has undergone extensive training and combat experience to earn their place among the chapter's elite. They have fought in countless battles against the enemies of the Imperium, honing their skills and mastering the arts of war to become the finest warriors and leaders in the Space Wolves chapter.

Overall, a Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf is a fearsome and legendary figure within the Space Wolves chapter, feared and respected by their enemies for their unmatched combat prowess and unwavering loyalty to the Emperor. With their Thunderwolf mount at their side, they are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefields of the 41st millennium.

This boxed set contains one Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf armed with a frost axe and storm shield - a finely detailed resin cast kit that comes in 15 components, and is supplied with a 60mm round base.

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