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Thunderwolf Cavalry are Space Wolves mounted on massive, genetically-enhanced wolves known as Thunderwolves. These creatures are larger and more ferocious than ordinary Fenrisian wolves, making them formidable mounts in battle.

Recruitment: Thunderwolf Cavalry are chosen from among the ranks of the Space Wolves for their exceptional skill in combat and their affinity with the Thunderwolves. They undergo rigorous training and trials to master the art of mounted combat, forming a powerful and elite force within the chapter.

Mounts - Thunderwolves: Thunderwolves are massive, predatory creatures native to the icy wilderness of Fenris. They are swift, agile, and incredibly strong, making them ideal mounts for the Space Wolves' elite warriors. Thunderwolves are fiercely loyal to their riders, forming a deep bond with them that allows them to fight as one on the battlefield.

Armament and Equipment: Thunderwolf Cavalry are typically armed with a variety of close combat weapons, including power weapons, thunder hammers, and storm shields. They may also be equipped with bolt pistols or other ranged weapons for added versatility. The Thunderwolves themselves are formidable in close combat, possessing razor-sharp claws and teeth that can tear through armor with ease.

Role in Battle: Thunderwolf Cavalry excel at hit-and-run attacks and lightning-fast assaults on enemy positions. They are often used as shock troops, charging into the heart of enemy formations to disrupt their lines and sow chaos among their ranks. Their Thunderwolves' speed and agility allow them to outmaneuver their foes and strike where they are least expected.

Symbolism: Thunderwolf Cavalry symbolize the fierce and untamed nature of the Space Wolves chapter, embodying the savage spirit of the wolf as they charge into battle atop their massive mounts. They strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, inspiring awe and admiration among their fellow Space Marines.

Training and Bonding: Thunderwolf Cavalry undergo extensive training to master the art of mounted combat and develop a deep bond with their Thunderwolf mounts. This bond is forged through shared experiences on the battlefield, creating an unbreakable connection between rider and mount that allows them to fight as one.

Overall, Thunderwolf Cavalry are a formidable and iconic unit within the Space Wolves chapter, feared and respected by their enemies for their unmatched skill in combat and their fierce determination to defend humanity against the forces of Chaos. With their Thunderwolf mounts at their side, they are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefields of the 41st millennium.

This multi-part plastic boxed set contains 121 components with which to build three Thunderwolf Cavalry models. This set comes with a selection of weaponry, including a frost blade, a power fist, a thunder hammer and three storm shields, as well as optional extras such as grenades, holstered bolt guns, bolt pistols and a choice of six different heads.

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