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The Iron Priest is a Techmarine who serves as a master of the forge and a keeper of the chapter's ancient and revered technology. They are skilled engineers, artisans, and warriors, tasked with maintaining and repairing the chapter's war machines and wargear.

Role: The primary role of the Iron Priest is to maintain and repair the chapter's vehicles, war machines, and wargear. They accompany Space Wolves forces into battle, ensuring that their vehicles and equipment remain in optimal condition and providing technical support and expertise as needed.

Techmarine Training: Like all Techmarines of the Adeptus Astartes, Iron Priests undergo rigorous training in the arts of engineering, mechanics, and technology. They are skilled craftsmen and artisans, capable of repairing and maintaining even the most complex and advanced machinery.

Combat Role: In addition to their duties as technicians and engineers, Iron Priests are also formidable warriors in their own right. They are armed with a variety of powerful weapons, including servo-arms, servo-harnesses, and ranged weapons such as bolt pistols or combi-weapons. They can hold their own in battle alongside their fellow Space Wolves, providing fire support and close combat prowess as needed.

Relationship with the Ironwolves: Iron Priests often form close bonds with the chapter's Ironwolves, specialized cybernetic war beasts that serve as their companions and assistants in battle. The Ironwolves are cybernetically enhanced Fenrisian wolves, augmented with advanced technology and cybernetic enhancements to enhance their speed, strength, and ferocity.

Symbolism: The Iron Priest embodies the Space Wolves' reverence for both martial prowess and technological mastery. They are revered as keepers of the chapter's ancient and sacred technology, entrusted with preserving the chapter's heritage and ensuring its war machines remain in optimal condition.

Versatility: Iron Priests are highly versatile warriors, capable of fulfilling a variety of roles on the battlefield. They can provide technical support and expertise to their fellow Space Marines, repair damaged vehicles and equipment under fire, and unleash devastating firepower on the enemy with their powerful weapons.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble one Iron Priest, implacable armoured battlesmith of the Space Wolves. He comes armed with a helfrost pistol and tempest hammer - ordinarily used for forging and smelting, but also pretty handy to wield in a fight - and includes a servo arm. This model is supplied with a Citadel 32mm Round base. 

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