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The Skaven Warlock Bombardier is a twisted and malevolent spellcaster within the Skaven ranks, renowned for their insatiable thirst for destruction and chaos. These deranged individuals harness the volatile power of Warpstone to conjure devastating spells and concoct deadly alchemical weapons that rain destruction upon their enemies.

Armed with a Warplock pistol and an assortment of volatile grenades and bombs, the Warlock Bombardier wreaks havoc on the battlefield, unleashing torrents of Warpfire and explosive blasts upon any who dare to oppose the Skaven. Their mastery of Warpstone allows them to manipulate the very fabric of reality, summoning arcane energies to lay waste to their foes with devastating magical attacks.

In addition to their formidable offensive capabilities, Warlock Bombardiers are also skilled engineers and alchemists, capable of constructing deadly war machines and crafting potent elixirs and poisons to aid their cause. They often lead bands of Skaven into battle, using their dark sorcery and technological prowess to turn the tide of war in favor of the ratmen.

However, their mastery of Warpstone comes at a price, as exposure to its corrupting influence leaves them twisted and deformed, both in body and mind. Many Warlock Bombardiers are consumed by madness, their sanity eroded by the malevolent power they wield, making them unpredictable and dangerous even to their fellow Skaven.

In summary, the Skaven Warlock Bombardier is a fearsome and unpredictable spellcaster, whose mastery of Warpstone allows them to rain destruction upon their enemies with devastating magical attacks and deadly alchemical weapons. With their twisted intellect and insatiable thirst for chaos, they are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, spreading fear and destruction wherever they go.

This kit is supplied in 8 plastic components, and comes with a 32mm round base.

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