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The Mortek Crawler is a formidable war engine utilized by the Ossiarch Bonereapers faction in the Age of Sigmar universe. Here's an overview of this deadly construct:

Siege Engine of Death: The Mortek Crawler is a massive siege engine designed for long-range bombardment and devastating area denial. It is armed with powerful catapults that launch enormous spheres of solid bone, which explode upon impact, showering the battlefield with deadly bone shrapnel.

Armored Behemoth: The Mortek Crawler is heavily armored, boasting thick plates of ossified bone and reinforced metal. This armor not only protects it from enemy attacks but also adds to its formidable presence on the battlefield, instilling fear in the hearts of its foes.

Undead Crew: Manning the Mortek Crawler are legions of skeletal warriors, tirelessly laboring to reload its catapults and maintain its mechanical systems. These undead minions serve as both crew and ammunition, sacrificing themselves in service to Nagash's will.

Mortisan Overseers: Overseeing the operation of the Mortek Crawler are Mortisan Boneshapers and other necromantic artisans. These skilled craftsmen ensure that the war engine functions at peak efficiency, repairing damage and directing its firepower against priority targets.

Tactical Flexibility: The Mortek Crawler is capable of firing both single, devastating shots and barrages of smaller projectiles, providing tactical flexibility on the battlefield. It can unleash a devastating salvo of bone missiles to clear enemy infantry or focus its firepower on enemy fortifications and siege engines.

Instrument of Nagash's Will: Above all else, the Mortek Crawler is an instrument of Nagash's will, deployed to further his goals of conquest and domination across the Mortal Realms. It serves as a terrifying symbol of the Ossiarch Bonereapers' relentless advance, heralding the inevitable victory of death.

In summary, the Mortek Crawler is a fearsome war engine used by the Ossiarch Bonereapers to crush their enemies and lay waste to fortified positions. With its powerful artillery and undead crew, it serves as a relentless instrument of Nagash's will, bringing death and destruction to all who oppose the Great Necromancer's reign.

This 63-part plastic kit makes one Mortek Crawler and comes supplied with a 170mm Citadel oval base.

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