Warhammer Ork Tankbustas Finecast New

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The elation Tankbustas feel has a primal heritage, similar to the thrill a Feral Ork would feel when they killed a rampaging Squiggoth. Orks that fancy this kind of thrill often gather together, forming mobs of Tankbustas. Tankbustas who prove especially adept at destroying enemy vehicles from a distance enjoy the fame of a big game hunter and will often attract a retinue of aspirants, who have yet to blow up their first tank. A Tankbusta who succeeded in skoring his first confirmed kill enjoys getting 'tanked up' after the batttle, a ritual that includes devouring tank's crew and drinking engine oil from its smoking remains.

This boxed set contains 5 Ork Tankbustas and 2 Bomb Squigs. These models are finely detailed resin cast miniatures. They are supplied as 13 separate components and come with 32mm round bases for the Orks and 25mm round bases for the Squigs.

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