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The Stompa is essentially a massive, walking fortress, bristling with weaponry and crewed by a horde of Orks. It stands as a towering behemoth, a symbol of Orkish power and brutality.


  • Size: The Stompa is colossal in size, towering over most other units on the battlefield. It can easily crush vehicles and infantry underfoot.
  • Armor: It is heavily armored, making it extremely durable and able to withstand significant punishment from enemy fire.
  • Weapons: The Stompa is armed with an array of devastating weapons, including but not limited to, massive cannons, missile launchers, gatling guns, and close combat weapons like power klaws and giant chainsaws.
  • Crew: Typically, a Stompa is crewed by numerous Orks who maintain and operate its various systems. These Orks often treat the Stompa as their home and will fight fiercely to protect it.

Role: The Stompa serves as a mobile fortress and a centerpiece of an Ork army. It can fulfill various roles on the battlefield, including heavy fire support, close combat assault, and acting as a command center for coordinating Ork forces.

Construction: Orks construct Stompas through a combination of brute force, scavenging, and sheer determination. They gather scrap metal, salvaged parts, and whatever else they can find to build these massive war machines. Each Stompa is a unique creation, reflecting the personality and resources of its creators.

Combat Tactics: In battle, Stompas often lead Ork assaults, smashing through enemy lines with overwhelming firepower and brute force. They draw enemy fire away from other Ork units, allowing them to advance and engage the enemy. Stompas are also known for their ability to soak up damage, acting as a focal point for enemy attention while the rest of the Ork army maneuvers for advantage.

Overall, the Ork Stompa is a terrifying engine of destruction, embodying the Orkish love for big, loud, and devastatingly effective war machines.

This box set contains one large multi-part plastic Ork Stompa. This massive kit has over 230 components, comes with a myriad of weapon, and can be modelled in a number of different ways.

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