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The Sneaky Snufflers are mischievous and secretive creatures within the Gloomspite Gitz faction of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Here's a brief overview:

Mysterious Creatures: Sneaky Snufflers are small, enigmatic creatures that lurk within the shadows of the Gloomspite Gitz ranks. They are often found skulking around the edges of battles or hidden within the undergrowth, their true intentions and origins shrouded in mystery.

Fungal Hunters: These creatures have a peculiar fondness for fungus, and they are known to seek out rare and exotic varieties of mushrooms and other fungi. They use their keen senses to sniff out these delicacies, often leading their grot handlers on wild chases through the wilderness in pursuit of their fungal treasures.

Unpredictable Behavior: Sneaky Snufflers are notoriously unpredictable creatures, prone to sudden bursts of activity followed by long periods of apparent inactivity. Their grot handlers must constantly remain vigilant, as these creatures are known to suddenly dart off in search of new fungal discoveries without warning.

Valuable Assets: Despite their unpredictable nature, Sneaky Snufflers are highly valued by the Gloomspite Gitz for their ability to locate rare and valuable fungal specimens. These specimens are often used in various rituals and alchemical concoctions, making the Sneaky Snufflers invaluable assets to the faction.

Mysterious Origins: The true origins of the Sneaky Snufflers remain a mystery, with some speculating that they may be a subspecies of squig or some other creature native to the realms of Ghur or Ghyran. Others believe that they may be the creation of some ancient and long-forgotten magic.

Grot Handlers: Sneaky Snufflers are typically accompanied by grot handlers, who are responsible for keeping the creatures under control and directing their efforts towards finding valuable fungal specimens. These handlers often form strong bonds with their charges, despite the creatures' unpredictable behavior.

In summary, Sneaky Snufflers are mysterious and unpredictable creatures within the Gloomspite Gitz faction, valued for their ability to locate rare and valuable fungal specimens. Despite their enigmatic nature, they play an important role in the faction's rituals and alchemical endeavors, making them valuable assets to their grot handlers and the wider Gloomspite Gitz war effort.

This kit lets you build and customise 6 Sneaky Snufflers, with their attendant snufflesquigs, and features a host of interchangeable heads for customising your models.

This kit contains 30 components and is supplied with 6 x 32mm round bases.

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