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The Loonboss is a cunning and devious leader within the Gloomspite Gitz faction of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe. These crafty goblins are masters of guerrilla warfare and ambush tactics, leading their fellow grots in hit-and-run attacks and surprise assaults on unsuspecting enemies. Here's an overview of the Loonboss:

Master of Mischief: Loonbosses are renowned for their cunning and guile, using trickery and deception to outsmart their enemies. They excel at leading their fellow grots in sneak attacks and ambushes, catching their foes off guard and striking when they least expect it.

Leadership and Authority: Despite their diminutive size, Loonbosses command the respect and loyalty of their grot followers. Their cunning tactics and strategic acumen inspire confidence in their troops, ensuring that they fight with unwavering determination and zeal.

Ambush Specialist: Loonbosses are experts in the art of the ambush, using the terrain to their advantage and striking from the shadows with deadly precision. They coordinate hit-and-run attacks and surprise assaults, inflicting maximum damage on their enemies before disappearing into the darkness once more.

Weapon Proficiency: In combat, Loonbosses wield a variety of weapons, including curved moon-shaped swords, jagged spears, or wickedly barbed nets. They are skilled fighters, able to hold their own in close combat against much larger opponents with their agility and cunning.

Harnessing the Power of the Bad Moon: Loonbosses are attuned to the mystical energies of the Bad Moon, using its unpredictable movements to their advantage in battle. They harness its power to cast devastating spells and curses, wreaking havoc on their enemies and bolstering the strength of their grot minions.

Tactical Genius: Loonbosses possess a keen tactical mind, able to anticipate their enemies' movements and devise cunning strategies to outmaneuver them. They exploit weaknesses in their foes' defenses and capitalize on opportunities for victory, leading their grots to triumph against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Symbol of Grot Ingenuity: Loonbosses are symbols of grot ingenuity and resourcefulness, embodying the cunning and mischief that define the Gloomspite Gitz faction. With their strategic brilliance and mastery of ambush tactics, they ensure that their grot warbands are a constant thorn in the side of their enemies.

In summary, the Loonboss is a cunning and resourceful leader within the Gloomspite Gitz, adept at leading his grot minions in ambushes and surprise attacks. With his strategic brilliance and mastery of guerrilla warfare, he ensures that the Gloomspite Gitz remain a constant and unpredictable threat on the battlefield.

This model is supplied in 11 components and comes with 1 x 32mm round base.

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