Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms Leadbelchers New

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Leadbelchers, the Ogre term for both the weapon and the unit that carries them, are the heavy artillery of the Ogre Kingdoms. Ogres have long been on the receiving end of artillery fire, and they have grown to respect and admire its tremendous killing power. Indeed such weapons are everything an Ogre admires; they are big, loud and have a tremendous ability to smash things aside if close quarter combat is prevalent. However, forging any kind of cannon is beyond the ken of Ogres and for years they had to make do with the salvaged remnants from battlefields, ripped off their carriages and carried by the massive brutes like handguns.

This multi-part plastic set contains 107 components with which to build four Leadbelchers armed with Leadbelcher guns. The set comes with plenty of optional extras including powder Grots and plenty of spiky ammunition to ram into the cannons.

These models are supplied with four 40mm square bases and they are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

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