Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms Ironguts New

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Ironguts are the Ogres of any given tribe that have the most status and the best armour and weapons, acting as the rock-hard fighting elite of their tribe's Tyrant. They go into battle armed with massive two-handed weapons, be they enormous scimitars, rocks bolted to tree boughs with iron bands, or simply gigantic versions of the traditional Ogre club. Ironguts wear large, ornamental gut-plates to show off their elite standing, and cover their meaty arms and boulder-like heads in heavy armour plating cobbled together from various conquests over the years.

This multi-part plastic set contains 110 components with which to build four Ironguts armed with mighty bashing weapons. The set comes with plenty of optional extras including armoured heads, and plenty of scavenged shields to protect them. It also includes enough components to build a Gutlord, a Rune Maw Bearer and a Bellower.

These models are supplied with four 40mm square bases and they are supplied unpainted and require assembly

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