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The Lord of Plagues is a formidable character within the Nurgle Rotbringers faction in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar tabletop wargame. This malevolent figure is deeply dedicated to Nurgle, the Chaos God of decay, pestilence, and rebirth. Here's a brief description of the Lord of Plagues:

Bearer of Nurgle's Blessings: The Lord of Plagues is a vile and corrupted champion of Nurgle, often bearing the physical signs of his god's blessings, such as pustules, weeping sores, and a putrid aura.

Plague-Forged Weapons: In battle, the Lord of Plagues wields formidable weapons forged in the cauldrons of Nurgle's blessings. These weapons are often imbued with pestilent and toxic properties, making them deadly in the hands of their wielder.

Pestilential Presence: The Lord of Plagues has a noxious and pestilential presence, which spreads disease and decay to those around him. His aura can weaken and sicken enemies, making them more susceptible to Nurgle's blights.

Resilience and Regeneration: Like all Rotbringers, the Lord of Plagues is resilient to harm and has a remarkable ability to regenerate from wounds. He can endure grievous injuries and continue to fight in Nurgle's name.

Leader of Rotbringers: The Lord of Plagues often leads units of Putrid Blightkings, Plaguebearers, and other Nurgle-affiliated forces into battle. His leadership enhances the capabilities of Nurgle's forces.

Symbol of Nurgle: The Lord of Plagues personifies the themes of decay, pestilence, and the cyclical nature of life and death that are central to Nurgle's domain. He is a formidable and thematic character within Nurgle-themed armies.

In both lore and gameplay, the Lord of Plagues is a powerful and thematic character within the Nurgle Rotbringers faction. His role as a champion of Nurgle, bearing pestilence and death to the battlefield, makes him a strategic and flavorful addition to Nurgle forces. His grotesque appearance and association with decay and rebirth emphasize the grim and pestilential aspects of Nurgle's realm.

This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything needed to assemble one Lord of Plagues, wielding a Plague-ridden Great Blade.  

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