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Dreadblade Harrows are spectral champions who serve as harbingers of doom within the ranks of the Nighthaunt, wielding their deadly scythes with supernatural skill and striking terror into the hearts of the living.

These sinister figures are once proud and skilled warriors who met their demise in battle, only to be resurrected as vengeful spirits bound to the will of Nagash, the Supreme Lord of the Undead. Now, they roam the night-shrouded battlefields of the Mortal Realms, hunting down the enemies of Death with relentless determination.

Dreadblade Harrows are swift and agile, able to move effortlessly through the ethereal realm and strike with blinding speed. They excel at harrying enemy forces, darting between combatants to deliver swift and deadly strikes before fading back into the shadows.

In addition to their formidable combat prowess, Dreadblade Harrows possess a supernatural aura of dread that saps the morale of their enemies. The mere presence of these spectral champions instills fear and despair in those who oppose them, weakening their resolve and making them more susceptible to the onslaught of the Nighthaunt horde.

Furthermore, Dreadblade Harrows serve as emissaries of Nagash, spreading terror and discord wherever they go. They are often tasked with leading spectral hosts into battle, using their cunning and strategic insight to outmaneuver their foes and deliver crushing blows at key moments.

Despite their fearsome reputation, Dreadblade Harrows are not invincible. Like all spirits of the Nighthaunt, they are vulnerable to certain forms of magic and weaponry that can disrupt or banish their ethereal essence. However, facing these spectral champions in battle is a daunting prospect for even the bravest warriors, as they embody the relentless advance of Death itself.

This kit comes as 12 push-fit components, and is supplied with 2 textured 60mm oval bases – these feature the graveyard detritus expected from the Nighthaunt.

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