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The Hexmark Destroyer is a menacing and specialized unit within the Necron army in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. This eerie and deadly construct is designed for precision marksmanship and anti-infantry combat, making it a unique addition to the forces of the Necrons. Here's an overview of the Hexmark Destroyer:

Mysterious Origin: The Hexmark Destroyer is shrouded in mystery, with its true origins hidden even from the Necrons themselves. It is known to have a distinct personality and individuality, which is unusual among Necron constructs.

Marksmanship Specialist: The Hexmark Destroyer is equipped with a variety of rapid-firing weapons, including a twin-linked heavy gauss cannon. This makes it exceptionally deadly against enemy infantry units, as it can unleash a hail of deadly gauss rounds with pinpoint accuracy.

Vengeful Spirit: Hexmark Destroyers are driven by a powerful and vengeful spirit. They are programmed to seek out and eliminate enemy characters and champions, targeting those who pose a threat to the Necron dynasty they serve.

Swift and Agile: Unlike many other Necron constructs, Hexmark Destroyers are surprisingly swift and agile. They can quickly move across the battlefield and take up advantageous firing positions, making them elusive targets.

Miniature Models: In the tabletop wargame, players can field Hexmark Destroyer units as part of their Necron army. Each Hexmark Destroyer is represented by a finely detailed miniature model, which can be assembled and painted to showcase its eerie appearance and unique weaponry.

Unpredictable Loyalty: The individuality of Hexmark Destroyers makes them somewhat unpredictable in their actions, but they remain loyal to the Necron dynasty they serve. Their vengeful nature is harnessed to eliminate threats and secure victory for their masters.

Anti-Character Role: Hexmark Destroyers are particularly effective at targeting enemy characters and champions. Their weaponry is designed to cut down enemy leaders and disrupt the enemy's command structure.

In summary, the Hexmark Destroyer is a mysterious and lethal addition to the Necron forces, known for its precision marksmanship and vengeful spirit. It plays a specialized anti-infantry and anti-character role on the battlefield, providing a unique and enigmatic element to Necron armies in the grim and dark universe of Warhammer 40,000.

This kit builds a single Hexmark Destroyer, armed with six enmitic disintegrator pistols, and comes with a choice of two heads. The kit is supplied in 19 plastic components and one Citadel 50mm Round Base.

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