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The Necron Ghost Ark is a formidable and versatile vehicle within the Necron army in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It serves as both a transport and a support platform, capable of repairing damaged Necron infantry units and providing fire support on the battlefield. Here's an overview of the Necron Ghost Ark:

Transport Capacity: The Ghost Ark is a spacious vehicle with the capacity to transport numerous Necron infantry units. It can ferry squads of Necron Warriors, Immortals, or other infantry across the battlefield, protecting them from enemy fire until they disembark.

Living Metal Construction: Like all Necron units, the Ghost Ark is constructed from living metal, which allows it to regenerate damage over time. This self-repairing capability makes it highly durable and challenging to destroy.

Doomsday Ark Weaponry: The Ghost Ark is armed with a Doomsday Ark gauss weapon. This powerful energy cannon can fire devastating shots at long range, capable of annihilating enemy armored vehicles and infantry units.

Repair Barge: One of the Ghost Ark's unique abilities is its ability to repair nearby damaged Necron infantry units. This support function allows it to restore wounded warriors to full fighting capacity during battle, making it a valuable asset to Necron armies.

Transport and Fire Support: The Ghost Ark excels in its dual role as both a transport and a fire support vehicle. It can transport Necron infantry safely to the frontlines and then unleash devastating firepower with its gauss weapon.

Miniature Model: In the tabletop wargame, players can field Ghost Ark units as part of their Necron army. Each Ghost Ark is represented by a finely detailed miniature model, which can be assembled and painted to showcase its advanced technology and capabilities.

Strategic Deployment: Necron commanders often deploy Ghost Arks strategically to support their infantry forces. They ensure that the Ghost Ark's repair abilities are maximized while also using its firepower to suppress enemy threats.

This multi-part plastic boxed set contains 168 components, two small flying stems, one large flying base and two Necron transfer sheets with which to build one Necron Ghost Ark or one Doomsday Ark.

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