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Master the Art of Basecoating with CITADEL Paint Brush: Medium Base

Introducing the CITADEL Paint Brush: Medium Base, the essential tool for every miniature painter aiming to achieve flawless base coats with precision and ease. Specially designed for applying smooth, even layers of paint, this medium-sized brush combines superior bristle quality with an ergonomic design to offer unparalleled performance in basecoating.

Key Features:

Superior Bristle Quality: The Medium Base brush is equipped with high-quality synthetic bristles that offer an ideal balance of firmness and flexibility, ensuring a smooth application of paint across the surface of your miniatures. The bristles retain their shape well, allowing for consistent results and long-term durability.

Optimized for Basecoating: The size and shape of this brush are specifically tailored for basecoating, making it easier to cover larger areas efficiently while still offering the control needed for precise edges and borders.

Ergonomic Handle: Designed with comfort and control in mind, the ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your hand, reducing fatigue during those long painting sessions. This allows you to focus on your technique and the finer details of your work.

Versatile Use: While optimized for basecoating, the Medium Base brush's design also makes it suitable for a range of other painting techniques, including layering and glazing, providing hobbyists with a versatile tool in their painting arsenal.


  • Achieve smooth, even base coats that serve as the perfect foundation for further detailing.
  • Enjoy a comfortable painting experience with an ergonomically designed handle that minimizes hand strain.
  • Rely on a durable brush that maintains its shape and performance over time, offering excellent value.
  • Experience the versatility of a brush that can handle a variety of painting techniques, making it a staple in your toolkit.

Ideal For:

The CITADEL Paint Brush: Medium Base is perfect for miniature painters of all levels, from beginners to advanced hobbyists. Whether you're working on a single model or an entire army, this brush provides the reliability and performance needed to lay down the foundational colors of your miniatures with confidence and precision.

Elevate Your Basecoating Technique:

With the CITADEL Paint Brush: Medium Base in your hand, you're equipped to take your basecoating to the next level. Experience the satisfaction of laying down perfect base layers that will make your miniatures stand out on the battlefield or in your display cabinet.

Add the CITADEL Paint Brush: Medium Base to your collection today and see the difference it makes in your painting projects.

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