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The Vanari Dawnriders are a swift and formidable cavalry unit within the Lumineth Realm-Lords faction in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe. These noble warriors are known for their exceptional speed, skill in mounted combat, and their role as shock troops on the battlefield. Here's an overview of the Vanari Dawnriders:

Swift and Agile: Dawnriders are renowned for their incredible speed and agility, making them one of the fastest units within the Lumineth forces. They can swiftly maneuver across the battlefield to outmaneuver their enemies.

Mounted Warriors: These warriors are skilled riders who fight from the backs of graceful steeds. Their combat abilities are enhanced when mounted, allowing them to deliver devastating charges.

Lances and Shields: Dawnriders are typically armed with lances and shields, making them effective at both ranged and close combat. Their lances can pierce through enemy lines, while shields provide them with added protection.

Shock Troops: They often serve as shock troops, charging into enemy formations with precision and force. Their swift assaults can disrupt enemy lines and create openings for other Lumineth forces to exploit.

Protectors of the Realm: Dawnriders play a crucial role in protecting Lumineth territories and responding swiftly to threats. They are a symbol of the Lumineth's dedication to defending their realm.

Miniature Models: In tabletop wargaming, players can field units of Vanari Dawnriders as part of their Lumineth Realm-Lords army. The miniature models capture their dynamic and mounted appearance, often depicting them in the midst of a charge.

Lumineth Realm-Lords Icon: The Vanari Dawnriders symbolize the Lumineth's commitment to swift and decisive action, their mastery of cavalry tactics, and their role as defenders of their realm in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar setting.

In summary, the Vanari Dawnriders are swift and elite cavalry units within the Lumineth Realm-Lords faction, celebrated for their speed, skill in mounted combat, and their role as shock troops on the battlefield. They are a formidable asset in the ongoing conflicts of the Mortal Realms.

This kit builds 5 Vanari Dawnriders, with options to build a Steedmaster and Standard Bearer. Interchangeable shields and helmet crests allow for customisation. It is supplied in 79 plastic components and comes with 5 60mm x 35mm oval bases.

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