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The Light of Eltharion is a legendary and iconic character within the Lumineth Realm-Lords faction in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe. This formidable warrior is known for his valor, indomitable spirit, and his role as a symbol of hope and resistance against the forces of darkness. Here's an overview of the Light of Eltharion:

Aelven Champion: The Light of Eltharion is a renowned Aelven warrior, celebrated for his martial prowess and unwavering commitment to his people. He embodies the highest ideals of the Lumineth Realm-Lords.

Incarnation of Valor: Eltharion's presence on the battlefield is an inspiration to his fellow Lumineth. He is a symbol of courage, valor, and the indomitable spirit of the Lumineth in the face of adversity.

Bearer of the Light: The Light of Eltharion wields a mystical lantern that radiates the pure essence of light and purity. This lantern not only serves as a powerful weapon but also symbolizes the Lumineth's connection to the realm of Hysh.

Indestructible Spirit: Eltharion's spirit is unbreakable. Even in death, he endures as a spectral entity, continuing to fight for his people and inspiring them to never surrender.

Guardian of Ymetrica: Eltharion is often entrusted with the defense of Ymetrica, a crucial Lumineth city. His unwavering vigilance ensures that the city remains a bastion against the encroaching darkness.

Miniature Model: In tabletop wargaming, players can field the Light of Eltharion as a powerful hero within their Lumineth Realm-Lords army. The miniature model captures his dynamic and imposing presence, often depicting him in combat with his lantern ablaze.

Lumineth Realm-Lords Icon: The Light of Eltharion symbolizes the Lumineth's commitment to their ideals, their resistance against the forces of darkness, and their unyielding spirit in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar setting.

In summary, the Light of Eltharion is a legendary hero and symbol of valor within the Lumineth Realm-Lords faction, celebrated for his martial prowess, unbreakable spirit, and his role as a beacon of hope and resistance. He stands as a powerful guardian of his people and their way of life in the ongoing battles of the Mortal Realms.

This kit builds one Light of Eltharion miniature. Innovative design makes this a model like no other – a hollow, animated suit of armour! Even if you're not using this in a Lumineth Realm-lords collection, it’s worth picking one up just to paint. This set is supplied in 15 plastic components and includes a 50mm round base.

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