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In the lore of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth, Hunter Orcs are a fierce and relentless breed of Orcs known for their prowess in tracking and hunting their prey. They are often depicted as skilled hunters and trackers, capable of pursuing their quarry across great distances and through the most challenging terrain.

Hunter Orcs are typically portrayed as agile and cunning warriors, often employed by the dark forces of Middle-earth to track down and capture enemies or to serve as scouts and skirmishers in battle. They are known for their use of stealth and ambush tactics, as well as their proficiency with bows and other ranged weapons.

In adaptations and expansions of Tolkien's works, including games like the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game by Games Workshop, Hunter Orcs may be featured as a specialized unit or faction with unique abilities and characteristics. They are often depicted as swift and deadly warriors, capable of striking from the shadows and harassing enemy forces with hit-and-run tactics.

Players can include Hunter Orcs in their armies to represent the dark and sinister forces of Sauron or other evil powers in their quest for domination. With their skill in tracking and their deadly accuracy with ranged weapons, Hunter Orcs are a formidable threat on the battlefield, striking fear into the hearts of their enemies and ensuring that no prey can escape their grasp.

This kit contains 56 components and 24 25mm round bases with which to make 24 Hunter Orcs.

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