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Saurus Guard are elite warriors among the Seraphon, the celestial lizardmen of the Warhammer Fantasy and Age of Sigmar universes. Here's an overview of these formidable fighters:

Ancient Protectors: Saurus Guard are ancient and revered warriors, tasked with defending the sacred temples and bastions of the Seraphon. They are sworn to protect their Slann Starmaster and fulfill their duty to the Old Ones with unyielding loyalty.

Formidable Fighters: Saurus Guard are towering and muscular warriors, clad in thick scales and wielding massive weapons with ease. They are among the most powerful and skilled fighters in the Seraphon armies, capable of cleaving through enemy ranks with their brutal melee attacks.

Bodyguards of the Slann: Saurus Guard often serve as personal bodyguards to the Slann Starmasters, the ancient and powerful mage-priests who lead the Seraphon. They form an impenetrable barrier around their charge, ready to lay down their lives to protect their revered leader from harm.

Honored Veterans: Saurus Guard are veterans of countless battles, their scales scarred and their weapons stained with the blood of their enemies. They have faced the most ferocious foes and emerged victorious, earning them a fearsome reputation among both allies and enemies alike.

Unwavering Resolve: Saurus Guard are known for their unwavering resolve and indomitable courage in the face of danger. They stand firm against the tide of chaos, their will unbroken and their determination unshaken even in the direst of circumstances.

Protectors of the Realm: Saurus Guard are guardians of the Mortal Realms, defending the realms of Order from the encroaching forces of Chaos and destruction. They are stalwart defenders of the Seraphon's celestial empire, ready to lay down their lives to ensure the safety and security of their people.

In summary, Saurus Guard are elite warriors among the Seraphon, tasked with defending their sacred temples and protecting their Slann Starmasters. With their formidable strength, unwavering resolve, and unyielding loyalty, they are a bulwark against the forces of darkness that threaten the Mortal Realms.

This multi-part plastic kit contains enough components to build an impressive fifteen Saurus Guard miniatures, armed with heavy celestite polearms and stardrake shields. One model can be optionally assembled as an Alpha Guardian, with its own decorative pieces. Parts to assemble a stardrake icon bearer and wardrummer are included, and there’s a host of shield designs, skulls and detritus with which to make your Saurus Guard unique. Supplied with twenty Citadel 32mm Round bases. 

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