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Namarti Thralls are a crucial and versatile unit within the Idoneth Deepkin faction in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe. These underwater warriors serve various roles within Idoneth society, from laborers to warriors, and are known for their adaptability and combat effectiveness. Here's an overview of Namarti Thralls:

Adaptable Warriors: Namarti Thralls are adaptable and can fulfill different roles within the Idoneth Deepkin society. They can serve as laborers, guards, or warriors, making them versatile assets.

Close Combat Specialists: In battle, Namarti Thralls are often seen wielding a variety of weapons, including Allopex Spears, which they use to engage in close combat with their enemies. They are skilled in melee combat and can strike with precision.

Aethersea Cloaks: Many Namarti Thralls wear Aethersea Cloaks, which allow them to move stealthily through the water and provide them with protection against attacks. These cloaks are a hallmark of their attire.

Amphibious Fighters: Namarti Thralls are equally adept at fighting in the water and on the shore. Their combat skills are honed for underwater and terrestrial battles, making them valuable assets for the Idoneth Deepkin.

Unit Variety: There are different types of Namarti Thralls, including Reavers and Thrallmasters. Reavers are versatile infantry units, while Thrallmasters serve as leaders and commanders for their fellow Thralls.

Mystical Abilities: Some Namarti Thralls possess mystical abilities tied to the tides, allowing them to unleash powerful attacks or provide support to their kin on the battlefield.

Miniature Models: In tabletop wargaming, players can field Namarti Thralls as core infantry units within their Idoneth Deepkin army. The miniature models capture their aquatic and otherworldly appearance, often depicting them in dynamic poses with intricate details.

Idoneth Deepkin Icon: Namarti Thralls symbolize the adaptability, combat prowess, and versatility of the Idoneth Deepkin as they navigate the depths of the Mortal Realms and engage in battles to protect their enclaves.

In summary, Namarti Thralls are adaptable and skilled warriors within the Idoneth Deepkin faction, celebrated for their combat versatility, amphibious nature, and their ability to fulfill various roles in the ongoing conflicts of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar setting.

This kit comes as 90 components, and is supplied with 10 Citadel 32mm Round bases.

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