Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Elector Counts

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Like all of Cubicle 7 Warhammer products, Elector Counts combines well-made components with easy to understand rules and stunning art. The sturdy box holds over 100 full-color cards and dozens of tokens. There are five zip-lock baggies included—one for each player and another for the shillings (money). A rulebook and player aid card are also included.

Cards are divided into Attacker, Defender, Location, and Support cards. Each Elector Count starts with a Location depicting a famous settlement of their Grand Province: Altdorf, Middenheim, Salzenmund, and Ubersreik. Other Locations include settlements and notable terrain like forests and rivers.

warhammer elector counts fantasy roleplay location cards
Elector Counts Location cards

The number above the name of each starting Location determines turn order. All Locations note the number of shillings it produces in the upper left corner and the Victory Points it awards to the controlling player at the end of the game in the upper right. Locations are fought over using the other cards.

warhammer elector counts attacker defender cards
Elector Counts Attacker and Defender cards

Attacker and Defender cards depict Warhammer army units. Each card has Attacker Strength or Defender Strength in the upper left corner. Some cards also have keywords. Keywords have defined rules summarized on a handy sheet of turn order and important rules.

support cards
Elector Counts Support cards

Support cards provide a variety of options from gaining shillings to defeating an Attacker to discarding and drawing a new hand.